Polymer Ligation Clip

Polymer Ligation Clip

Medical disposable ligation clip is single-use for ligating blood vessels or other tubular structure tissue in surgery. Key features and benefits:
1. Safe Locking device with a more secure closure.
2. Reliable Touch-sensing closing mode with tangible safety.

Product Details

Product Description

The Disposable ligation clips are intended for use in procedures involving ligation of vessels or tissue structures.

The Disposable ligation clips are made of polymer. The Disposable ligation clips are packed by a PETG blister with the cover of Tyvek.

The product was sterilized by EO. The valid period of sterilization was 3 years.

Key features and benefits: 
1. Safe Locking device with a more secure closure. 
2. Reliable Touch-sensing closing mode with tangible safety. 
3. Rapid Capable of fetching the ligation target and reducing the separation of ligated tissues & regions. 
4. Minimal injuries to blood vessel & tissue. 
5. No slicing effect. 
6. Made of polymeric materials, no absorption. 
7. No supporting bacterial growth. 
8. No tissue rejection. 
9. Save operation time. 

Type:Nonabsorbable ClipsMaterial:Polymer
Certification:ISO13485, CE, ISO9001Package:6 Clips Per Cartridge, 14 Cartridges Per Box
Color:Gold, Purple, GreenIngredient:POM
Size:XL, L, MLFeature:Disposable & Implant Materials
Place of Origin:Tonglu, Hangzhou City, China (Mainland)


SpecificationsLigating rang

Instructions for Use

1) Inspect the device for any other defects. The device must be inspected prior to use. PLEASE DO NOT USE IF THE PACKAGE IS DAMAGED.

2) Load the polymer clip, extracting it from the container through the tip of the clip applier.

3) Introduce the applier with the loaded clip through the appropriate cannula size (5mm.10mm).

4) Place the clip around the structure to ligate. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE IT OVER ANOTHER CLIP OR OVER TOUGH STRUCTURES.

5) Pull the instrument trigger in order to close the clip around the structure. Please, verify the right clip placement and closure.

6) Pease destroy the instrument by the regulation after use.

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