Disposable Consumables

  • Disposable S&I

    Disposable S&I

    • Quick probe exchange
    • Phthalate free of PVC tubing set
    • Transparent hand-piece for visualization of fluid
    • Superior ergonomically designed for both right and left hand
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  • Disposable Specimen Retrieval Bag

    Disposable Specimen Retrieval Bag

    • Nitinol spring for extra-strength
    • TPU bag for superior durability
    • Exceptional safety and security
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  • Disposable Veress/Access Needle

    Disposable Veress/Access Needle

    • Big size spring-loaded stylet provides loud audible "click" when passing through tissue layers
    • Visible red indicator of needle position
    • Sharp tip for easy insertion
    • High flow stopcock
    • Two sizes with 120/150mm length are available
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