Blunt Tip Hasson Trocar

Blunt Tip Hasson Trocar

• Durable universal seal, no reducer needed
• Recessed stopcock valve
• Unique fixing design
• Optical/blunt tip

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Product Details

Disposable Laparoscopic Hasson Trocar


The devices were designed, tested and manufactured for single patient use. Trocars are passed through the abdominal wall and then facilitate the access for the camera and laparoscopic instruments. If needed, the CO2 can be infused through the valve. The products are applicable to all laparoscopic interventions. But the physicians are advised using suitable size of the devices to compatibility with the endoscopes.

These devices are intended for single-use only as indicated. Endoscopic procedures should be performed by physicians having adequate training and familiarity with these procedures.


Laparoscopic Disposable Hasson Trocar.png

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