Blunt Tip Hasson Trocar

• Durable universal seal, no reducer needed
• Recessed stopcock valve
• Unique fixing design
• Optical/blunt tip

Product Details

Disposable Laparoscopic Hasson Trocar


The devices were designed, tested and manufactured for single patient use. Trocars are passed through the abdominal wall and then facilitate the access for the camera and laparoscopic instruments. If needed, the CO2 can be infused through the valve. The products are applicable to all laparoscopic interventions. But the physicians are advised using suitable size of the devices to compatibility with the endoscopes.

These devices are intended for single-use only as indicated. Endoscopic procedures should be performed by physicians having adequate training and familiarity with these procedures.


Laparoscopic Disposable Hasson Trocar.png

Instructions for Use

(1) Assemble obturator and cannula together.

(2) Sufficiently incise the skin to accommodate the trocar.

(3) Introduce the trocar through the skin and tissue layers by applying as minimal as possible continuous downward pressure through the incision.

(4) When the instrument is in the desired position, remove the obturator, leaving the cannula in place.

(5) Before the trocar is used, the air in the balloon should be exhausted with the syringe. After the trocar had been introduced through the skin and tissue layers, inject the required volume of saline (Table 1) to expand the balloon. Pull the cannula towards the inside layer of the abdominal wall to make the expanded balloon cling closely. Move the fixer in the direction of the abdominal wall and lock it in place. After the operation, extract the saline from the balloon by using syringe and then pull out the trocar device.

Table 1 Volume of saline injecting to balloon trocar


(6) If insufflation is required, attach insufflation tubing to the gas tap on the cannula assembly and open this gas tap. 

(7) Laparoscopic instruments of appropriate size can now be easily introduced and removed through the cannula.

(8) When using 10mm or 12mm trocar, large tissue needs to be removed from the abdominal cavity after surgery, click the button on the cannula, remove the sealing cap and take the tissue out from the cannula.  

(9) Upon completion of the procedure remove any attached insufflation tubing, and use the open stopcock to deflate the abdominal cavity. For rapid desufflation, these models of Trocar have removable seal housing that enable this advantage.

Product video:

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