Simple Designed Uterine Manipulator

▪ Six types could be chosen
▪ With handle locking function
• Made in high quality stainless steel
• With ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE approved

Product Details

Uterine Manipulator

The devices were designed, tested and manufactured for gynecological surgery. THE UTERINE MANIPULATOR is clinically used to insert into the uterus, to ascend,hold and process the uterus in gynecological surgery.

301.026ABasic type 7mm working lengthstainless steel100PCS
301.026BAdjustablestainless steel100PCS
301.026CWith suctionstainless steel100PCS
301.026DSmallstainless steel100PCS
301.026EMediumstainless steel100PCS
301.026FLargestainless steel100PCS

uterine manipulator.png

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