Benefits of disposable medical products
- Nov 15, 2017 -

The advantages of disposable medical supplies have the following points:

1. It can avoid the hospital infection caused by the repeated use of medical device, and the use of disposable medical supplies can promote the national economy.

2, the use of disposable medical supplies can prevent the occurrence of cross infection in hospital, especially to prevent the occurrence of some diseases transmitted by blood or injection. Such as AIDS, hepatitis B and other diseases.

3, the use of disposable syringe can reduce the labor intensity of medical workers and to reduce some of the procedures, medical supplies disinfection has the advantages of convenient use, safety, no pyrogen.

4, disposable medical supplies are generally in accordance with the national standards of strict disinfection, the use of disposable syringe can reduce or even eliminate caused by syringe disinfection is not strict.

5, disposable medical supplies after use, must be disinfected, destroy shape.

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