Disposable medical products are regarded as infectious wastes after use, right?
- Nov 15, 2017 -

According to the classification of medical waste, infectious waste is characterized by carrying pathogenic microorganisms, causing infectious diseases transmission risk of medical waste.

What are infectious wastes: objects contaminated by blood, body fluids, and excreta of the patient?,


- cotton ball, cotton swab, tampon, gauze and other dressings;

Disposable sanitary articles, disposable medical articles and disposable medical instruments;

- abandoned clothing;

Other objects contaminated by blood, body fluids, and excreta of the patient.

2. Isolation of infectious diseases from medical institutions or living garbage generated by suspected infectious diseases patients.

3. The culture medium, specimen and bacteria, virus seed preservation solution.

4. All kinds of discarded medical specimens.

5. Discarded blood and serum.

6. Disposable medical supplies and disposable medical devices are regarded as infectious wastes.

Disposable waste is a type of infectious waste. The extension of infectious wastes is greater than that of disposable wastes.

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