Endoscope classification
- Feb 24, 2018 -

From the application, the simple can be divided into two categories, namely, industrial endoscopes and medical endoscopes.

The types of industrial endoscopes are classified into optical endoscopes, optical fiber endoscopes, electronic endoscopes, CCD video endoscopes, CMOS video endoscopes, and electric 360 ° endoscopes.

From the endoscopic light source is divided into high-frequency fluorescent lamp endoscope, optical fiber endoscope, LED endoscope

About medical endoscopy classification, according to its development and imaging structure classification: can be broadly divided into three categories: hard tube endoscopy, optical fiber (tube) endoscopy and electronic endoscopy.

There are many different types of medical examination endoscopes, the classification methods are different, generally speaking, the more common the following three classification. In terms of marketing, the most commonly used category is clinically divided into hard mirror and flexible soft mirror.