How to properly maintain and use thoracoscopic surgical instruments
- May 20, 2017 -

First, the use of thoracoscopic precautions

Thoracoscopic surgery, although the time is short, the patient damage is small, but the operation was shocked, more difficult. Medical staff must master the surgical instruments and instruments of performance, the use of principles and methods of operation. Preoperative understanding of the type of surgery and the requirements of various devices, do a good preoperative equipment preparation.

Health care workers in 20 minutes in advance to wash their hands, the smoked box in the special equipment on the operating table, rinse with saline to avoid residual formaldehyde into the wound to stimulate the injury tissue. Optical fiber and the lens are very fine, expensive, the process of surgery should pay attention to protection, transmission action to be gentle, to avoid collision with other devices, so as not to damage. Be careful not to bend the optical fiber into an acute angle to avoid breaking. During the course of surgery, focus on the display screen, observe the progress of surgery, familiar with the whole process of surgery and the use of each special equipment, and according to the need to select the appropriate equipment, timely, agile, accurate delivery, so that the surgeon can be handy The Thoracic surgery Many special equipment, nurses must be very familiar. Thoracoscopic surgery is generally not pneumoperitoneum, chest wall cannula is usually open. Thoracoscopy is usually used 10.5mm casing, if the use of endoscopic stapler, must be equipped with 11.5mm casing, the first chest after finishing, pass the lens, ready to thoracotomy tissue endoscopic instruments such as grasping pliers, separation pliers, scissors , Preoperative preparation of various lengths and surgical doctors in particular require endoscopic suture cutting device, intraoperative should be prepared for the corresponding corresponding titanium clip, continuous cutting suture, the replacement of titanium clip should be timely. Thoracoscopic surgery often need to assist small incision to complete lobectomy or pneumonectomy, should be equipped with the necessary thoracotomy device. Intraoperative endoscopy easily stained with blood due to temperature spray atomization, affecting clarity, nurses should be promptly eliminated, wipe and warm up.

Second, the correct maintenance of thoracoscopy

Thoracoscopic instrumentsare precision instruments that must be kept by hand, set up a file card, check regularly. Surgical nurses and roving nurses must be familiar with the installation, using thoracoscopic surgical instruments and equipment. Preoperative according to different equipment to choose the appropriate disinfection method, carefully check the equipment for damage and connection is correct and reliable. After careful cleaning the blood on the equipment, in particular, should carefully clean the joint parts of the device, with a dry gauze wiping the instrument, the tube with the volume of cotton paper will be wiped the blood and water clean, coated with oil to prevent rust. Long time not used, the management staff should be maintained once a week, check the joints flexible, clamp teeth bite, scissors sharp situation, in order to maintain the best performance of the best standby state.


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