Introduction of abdominal puncture needle
- Sep 09, 2017 -

Abdominal puncture needle for laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgery is one of the important instruments. By the needle core and casing sheath composed of two parts, pay great attention to safety and practicality, its main features are:

1, one-time use, effectively avoid the infection.

2, in the puncture needle with a protective cover device, the tail has a compression spring, so that the expansion of free expansion and contraction, and signs of identification, surgical medical indicators with the identification of the telescope to determine the situation, can effectively protect and avoid puncture needle damage organs The

3, can effectively maintain the airtight casing, the diameter of the surgical instruments only need to replace the corresponding sealing plate can be, the shell has a plus CO2 gas connector, easy to use, simple.

4, the individual body of the arc section of the thread design, so that the trocar is not easy to bring out, puncture resistance and small, to ensure the smooth operation.


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