Introduction to weight loss surgery
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Gastric Bypass

Surgical method: The operation firstly treats the upper and lower parts of the stomach, the smaller upper part, and the larger lower part, then cuts off the small intestine, rearranges the position of the small intestine, changes the way the food passes through the digestive tract, slows down the gastric emptying speed, and shortens Small intestine, reduce absorption. The most influential is RYGB gastric bypass (bypass), which has significant effects and relatively few complications.

This technique has dominated the leader of weight loss metabolic surgery for nearly 10 years in the early 21st century, accounting for more than 50% of global weight loss surgery, and even 85% in North America (2003).

Weight loss effect: ★★★★★

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Surgical method: the distal end of the stomach is partially removed, and then the intestine is anastomosed. The principle is to remove part of the stomach, so that the obese people reduce the amount of food intake, thereby reducing weight. The stomach-reducing technique has added two ways of wrapping and airbag. Wrap-around gastro-intestinal surgery uses a silicone-like tape to wrap the stomach. The air bag is a gastrostomy in which an inflatable bag is placed in the abdominal cavity, and the air bag is inflated to exert pressure on the stomach. Either way, the goal is to reduce the volume of the stomach to prevent the absorption of nutrients.

Weight loss effect: ★★★★

Gastric Balloon

Surgical method: a silicon water polo is placed into the stomach using a gastroscope, and then saline is injected into the water ball to fill the stomach, which induces satiety to help control appetite. There are no other obvious side effects, it is the safest operation, but its weight loss effect is better than the gastric band. There is a trend to replace the former.

Weight loss effect: ★★★


Surgical procedure: A low-pressure flexible silicone band is wrapped around the upper part of the stomach, just like a belt on the stomach, separating the stomach into two parts, with a small opening between the two parts to allow food to pass. When eating, the food quickly fills the upper part of the stomach. When this part of the stomach fills up and expands, the nerve that stimulates the stomach will send a signal to the center of the brain. The brain regulating center will cause a few hours of satiety. .

Weight loss effect: ★★

The above-mentioned operations are all laparoscopic surgery. In the choice of the trocar, the traditional conventional puncturing device cannot puncture because of the obesity of the patient. It is necessary to select a special specification. The specification requires a puncturing device with a hole diameter of 15 mm and a length of 15 cm. Consider the Hasen type (or balloon type) in type. Click the picture to get more information about KJ's Hasson Trocar.

Blunt Tip Hasson Trocar