laparoscopic device sterilization method
- May 20, 2017 -

1 sterilization principle of desktop autoclave (1) the use of gravity replacement principle, the hot steam in the sterilizer from top to bottom will be cold air from the lower exhaust, the discharge of cold air replaced by saturated steam, the use of The latent heat released by the steam causes the items to be sterilized. Mainly applicable to high temperature, high humidity resistant medical equipment and items sterilization. (2) In the use of desktop autoclave sterilization process, the loading capacity shall not exceed 80% of the capacity of the cabinet, sterile items must be exposed. Sterilization temperature of 134 ℃, time is 10min. Each sterilization are used in the United States 3M company for the 1250 indicator to monitor the observation of the degree of discoloration to determine the sterilization effect. At the same time, the biocontrol of Bacillus stearothermophilus sprouts was used every quarter, and the qualified rate was 100%.

2 2% enhanced glutaraldehyde soaking sterilization soaking time of 10h, the main component of high purity medical glutaraldehyde, AED fortifier.

<1> The role and characteristics of glutaraldehyde This product is a classic sterilizer, can kill all kinds of microorganisms, non-corrosive sterile items, irritation, sterilization effect by organic matter and strong penetration, mainly applicable to All kinds of precision instruments, heat-resistant surgical instruments, endoscopy disinfection and sterilization. Alkalized glutaraldehyde did not act as a spore, when the use of sodium bicarbonate glutaraldehyde disinfectant adjusted to pH 8.0, it can be a strong role in the sporulation.

<2> the use of glutaraldehyde before use must be a bag of activator added to the barrel, made of pH 6 to 8 enhanced glutaraldehyde, plus a bag of corrosion inhibitor rust. The activated solution was used continuously for 2 weeks. The laparoscopic device after sterilization must be washed with sterile water before use to remove residual glutaraldehyde to avoid irritation to human organs.

3 Precipitation when autoclaving and soaking (1) When autoclaving or soaking, the joint parts of the instrument and its accessories are disassembled so that the joints of the joints of the device can be subjected to a certain concentration of saturated vapor penetration or Soak, to ensure its sterilization effect, the lumen should not be distorted, should remain smooth. (2) soaking, the equipment must be cleaned and dry, to avoid the water and organic matter into the glutaraldehyde solution, resulting in glutaraldehyde diluted or dissolved, affecting the sterilization effect. After the activation of glutaraldehyde if not sealed, or sterilization equipment access frequently, or the ambient temperature is too high, storage time is longer, can reduce the concentration of glutaraldehyde, the color from light yellow to dark brown. When the solution was yellowish, does not affect the bactericidal effect, if the color is too deep, should be discarded update.

4 before laparoscopic surgery before the operation must be done before the HBV and HIV infection test, where HBV or HIV infection or pathogen carriers, should use a dedicated endoscopy, and arranged in the final do, after all the equipment Soaked in 2% glutaraldehyde solution 1h after cleaning, sterilization.


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