Laparoscopic equipment maintenance
- May 20, 2017 -

(1) laparoscopic instruments precision, and expensive and easy to damage, need to be kept by the personal counter storage.

(2) before use should carefully check the equipment and its accessories are complete, with particular attention to small parts are intact, supporting, tube-type equipment is strictly prohibited percussion, so as to ensure the smooth operation. After the operation, all the equipment in the enzyme lotion soak 5min, ultrasonic rinse 10min, then rinse with water, immersed in 2% glutaraldehyde 30min and then rinse with flowing water, with a dry cloth to the residual water wipe Dry, with paraffin oil rag evenly rubbed again, paraffin oil wipes dry and wet should be moderate, if too wet in the equipment on the paraffin oil too much, will affect the penetration of saturated steam, affecting the sterilization effect; too dry, The instrument surface does not play a role in lubrication protection, so that the device is easy to rust, thus affecting the function of the joints and affect the smooth operation of the surgery.

(3) after each operation to be a detailed registration, record the use of the instrument.

(4) for the commonly used equipment and equipment should be a small daily inspection, monthly inspection, detailed registration, the establishment of registration record system, identify problems, timely reporting and processing.


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