Needle holder grip which method is good?
- Feb 06, 2018 -

For beginners, the best way to master, but also the most easy to grasp. Grasp the law: also known as a grasp or full grasp, that is, endoscopic simulator hand grip needle holder. Clamp ring close to the big intertidal muscle, the thumb, middle finger, anonymous puncture finger and little finger were pressed on the forceps handle, the three fingers close together play a fixed role, the index finger pressure in the front of the needle holder paraaxial Department. Using the thumb and big fish muscle and metacarpophalangeal joint activities to promote, open the needle holder handle ring on the toothed clasp, release the clasp and hold the needle holder needle mouth needle size to hold the needle. When closed, the thumb and the great melasma and the remaining part of the palm of your hand grasp the buckle. This method is stable and easy to change the direction of suture needle, suture smoothly, easy to operate. Added: The other two grips are refers to sets of law, as the traditional law enforcement. With the thumb, ring finger into the clamp ring, the power of the fingers to control the opening and closing of the needle holder, and control the scope of its action when the spread and interference. With the middle finger into the clamp ring within the implementation of the practice of forceps, because the distance from the fulcrum and poor stability, it is the wrong law enforcement.

Palm fingering: the thumb into the clamp ring, the index finger pressure in the first half of the clamp to do the support guide, the remaining three finger pressure clamp ring fixed in the palm. Thumb up and down activities can be opened and closed, control needle holder open and closed. In fact, there is no such kind of thing that can be said to be the best. The holding method of the needle holder lies in that the surgeon can grasp the comfort of the needle holder and the habitual way. What suits you is the best.

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