The advantages of minimally invasive surgery
- Mar 27, 2018 -

First, the wound is small: a small abdominal incision, 0.5cm to 1cm, basically leaving no scars, known as the "keyhole"

Second, the pain is light: The patient feels little pain, the surgery takes intravenous anesthesia, and the patient completes the operation in a state of sleep.

Third, rapid recovery: greatly reduced the damage to the organ and the interference of organ function, so that recovery time after surgery shortened.

Fourth, short hospital stay: Under normal circumstances 6-8 hours after surgery can get out of bed, 12-24 hours anus exhaust can eat, 3-5 days discharged, basically recovered after a week, the cost is relatively lower.

Fifth, less bleeding: almost no bleeding during surgery. The visual field of minimally invasive surgery is more clear, the blood vessel processing will be more refined, and the use of advanced hemostatic devices such as ultrasonic blades will help reduce the amount of bleeding.