The difference between the needle holder and the hemostatic forceps
- Feb 06, 2018 -

The hemostatic forceps' head is elongated in shape, straight, also has a curved, scalloped deep, also known as buckle clamp, clamp forceps, mainly used for clamping blood vessels, hemostasis, after surgical suture puncture can stick with needle holder to suture thread. Another kind of hemostatic forceps is called non injury hemostatic forceps. It is also mainly used for clamping blood vessels. There are many teeth in the nontraumatic hemostatic forceps. When the endoscope simulators are short and the blood vessels are clamped, they can block the circulation of blood and prevent the damage of blood vessels. The main work of a lossless wound hemostat is to use blood vessels to stop blood vessels, usually used in veins or arteries.

The head of the needle holder is very short and the toothed marks are shallow, which is used for the clamping of the clamp. Hold the needle holder or needle forceps, holding a thick needle and needle, needle clamp clamping generally within the slot to prevent needle slipping, or not strong.

pistol needle holder.jpg

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