The introduction of CMEF
- Apr 02, 2018 -

CMEF,China International Medical Equipment Fair,It was founded in 1979, the three session of the year, the two session of spring and autumn and the regional conference. The exhibition covers tens of thousands of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnosis, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation nursing, medical information technology, outsourcing service and so on. It directly and comprehensively serves the medical equipment industry from source to terminal whole medical industry chain. Each of the more than 4000 medical equipment manufacturers from 28 countries and government procurement, hospital buyers and dealers over 150000 people in more than 150 countries and regions of the world have gathered CMEF transactions and exchanges. As the exhibition is more specialized, the CMEF Congress, CMEF Imaging, CMEF IVD, CMEF IT, mobile medical and wearable, intelligent health have been established successively. As well as a series of ICMD medical field sub brands, CMEF has become a professional medical procurement trade platform in the medical industry, the publishing place of enterprise image, professional information distribution and academic and technical exchange platform.