Three-dimensional printing movable artificial cervical prosthesis successfully developed
- Jun 11, 2018 -

A three-dimensional (3D) printing technology to reconstruct the clinical application and related research of spine and spinal cord function completed by the research team of Prof. He Xijing of Xi'an Jiaotong University, combined with three-dimensional metal printing technology, developed a movable artificial cervical prosthesis to solve cervical spine The problem of loss of activity after total resection and decompression fusion provides new ideas.

According to reports, the fixation of titanium cages and titanium plates is a widely used surgical technique in the world. The newly developed three-dimensional printed personalized dome cage eliminates the sharp edges of traditional titanium cages, enabling the dome cage to precisely match the anatomic characteristics of the cervical spine, while increasing the contact area between the titanium cage and the vertebral body, which is conducive to long-term stability. At present, after more than 200 clinical applications, follow-up data confirms a significant decrease in the incidence of collapse compared to traditional titanium cages.

Researchers also proposed the concept of movable artificial vertebral body-intervertebral disc complex implantation and reconstruction of vertebral motor unit function after subtotal vertebral body cutting, and combined with metal 3D printing technology to develop a method that can preserve cervical stability and reconstruct Intervertebral motion non-fusion prosthesis.