Use of disposable laparoscopic puncture device
- Sep 09, 2017 -

1. Remove the puncture cannula and puncture core from the aseptic pack and insert the puncture core into the puncture sleeve.

2, the establishment of pneumoperitoneum, and then cut in the abdominal cavity is a large enough to accommodate the size of the casing incision, to ensure that the skin incision is large enough way is to puncture the outer tube against the body wall down to produce a circular mark, And then the diameter of the mark is appropriately enlarged to be cut to accommodate the entry of the sleeve.

3, the puncture cannula to the appropriate angle fixed in the pneumoperitoneum after the abdomen. In the insertion of the general need for smaller forces, can not be too much force, otherwise it may increase the risk of injury to internal organs.

4, puncture, puncture base placed in the palm of your hand, two fingers placed in the handle on the puncture tube, according to laparoscopic surgery into the abdominal cavity.

5, pull out the puncture core, the use of puncture tube as an instrument channel, can be surgery.

6, if the use of 10mm or 12mm puncture device, the end of the surgical operation If you want to remove the larger tissue from the cavity, you can also open the seal cover, remove the large tissue from the puncture sleeve.


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