what is Indirect laryngoscope
- May 03, 2017 -

As the throat position deep, the physiological structure is complex, can not directly glimpse, throat examination need to use some special inspection methods, such as indirect laryngoscope, direct laryngoscope, fiber laryngoscope, electronic laryngoscope, Ultra high speed cinematography, sound or glare.

Indirect laryngoscope

Indirect laryngoscopy is the most commonly used method of larynx examination. Indirect laryngoscope is a handle circular mirror, mirror and mirror handle intersection was 120 degrees, the diameter of the mirror are different, according to the subject's pharyngeal cavity to choose the appropriate size of the indirect laryngoscopy.

Check the subject is sitting in a chair, the body forward, mouth tongue, with a clean gauze wrapped in the tongue one-third before the tongue pull forward, the indirect laryngoscope heating but not hot after the mouth Pharynx, urge the subject to take a deep breath, hair "clothing" sound, so that the tongue forward, will be tired on the move, through the amount of light on the mirror or headlamps to illuminate the indirect laryngoscope mirror, observe the image of the mirror to check the throat structure. Into the indirect laryngoscope, the mirror should be down, quickly and securely with the level of 45 degrees attached to the soft palate and not touch the tongue, hard palate and tonsils, so as not to cause nausea reflex and hinder the inspection. If the subject's pharyngeal reflex is too heavy to fit, can be sprayed in the pharynx 1% of the ground and then check. Due to mirror down 45 degrees down, so see the throat image and the real throat position before and after the inverted and left and right unchanged. Due to the limitations of the laryngoscope mirror size, can not see all the throat, it should be slowly rotating mirror, one by one area to check the throat.

This method is simple, easy to master and the advantages of small patients with the advantages of its limitations include: pharyngeal reflex sensitive patients can not tolerate; tongue hypertrophy and poor appetite in patients with poor laryngeal dissection is not satisfied; children due to throat Anatomical characteristics of the development of difficult to observe the throat lesions.


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