What is laparoscopy?
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Do laparoscopic surgery, the doctor will be in the patient's navel eyes cut a 10 cm hole, put a tube into it, into the right amount of carbon dioxide gas, the abdominal distraction, the formation of an operating space. And then put a laser beam illuminated similar to the camera into the eyepiece, from all angles to turn the eyepiece, the doctor can be very clearly from the TV screen to see the situation inside the stomach. At the same time, in the stomach on another place to play two or three holes, the surgical instruments inserted into, you can carry out a variety of surgical operation. Therefore, laparoscopic surgery with small abdominal scar scar, small body tissue damage, less bleeding, the patient recovered quickly, etc., can almost replace the cesarean section in addition to all the laparotomy; its shortcomings are higher surgical requirements, the price is more expensive, the patient Economic burden is heavy, and must be anesthesia.

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