why are laparoscopy performed
- Apr 13, 2017 -

why are laparoscopy performed

Through the laparoscopic examination of the abdominal cavity, a method of treatment. Laparoscopy can clearly observe the pelvic tissue structure and the appearance of ovarian tumors, which is of great significance in the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian disease. Especially in the decision on what kind of operation of the ovaries, such as for tumor removal, ovarian resection or to retain the ovaries, the nature of the tumor is very important to judge.


Check requirements: (1) ascites patients must first put about 3000ml of ascites, and then check. (2) pedestrian pneumoperitoneum, to prevent pneumoperitoneum needle into the blood vessels and omentum. (3) check the upper abdominal organs, the head may be high enough; check the lower abdominal organs are the opposite. If necessary, you can turn the patient position at any time. Such as from the supine position to the right elevation and so on. Check before preparation: (1) the following complications can occur, should pay attention to prevention: ① artificial pneumoperitoneum occurs when the subcutaneous emphysema, abdominal emphysema, omentum emphysema, mediastinal emphysema, pneumothorax, air embolism and so on. ② insert laparoscopic puncture tube, bleeding and organ damage can occur, so the operation do not use violence. ③ take the living tissue can cause bleeding, should be early detection, timely treatment. Not suitable for the crowd: heart disease, hypertensive patients need to seek the views of doctors.

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