Thoracoscopic Instruments

  • Disposable Thoracic Trocar

    Disposable Thoracic Trocar

    • Elliptical blunt tip provides safety from injuring tissue and viscera
    • Special threaded design and suture anchoring device make cannula stable fixed
    • Auto-shielded
    • 6*65mm,10*65mm,12*65mm
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  • Thoracoscopic Needle Holder

    Thoracoscopic Needle Holder

    • Simple design, easy to operation
    • Straight/curved jaw
    • Made in high quality stainless steel
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  • Metzenbaum Scissor

    Metzenbaum Scissor

    • Special handle design compare to normal Metzenbaum scissor
    • Made in high quality stainless steel
    • Curved jaw
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  • Thoracoscopic Grasping Forceps

    Thoracoscopic Grasping Forceps

    • Masher Grasping Forceps:
    -Curved, jaw with 8/10/12mm working length
    • Debakey Grasping Forceps:
    -2.5/3.5mm Locking and non-Locking jaws
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  • Thoracoscopic Suction

    Thoracoscopic Suction

    • Four types head coule be chosen
    -Round, two holes
    -Arc, two holes
    -ball, two holes
    -Round, four holes
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